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Past Exhibitions


New England Charm
A Fine Art Exhibit

Exhibited April 6 - 21

A Fine Art Exhibit featuring the Watercolor art of Maggie Hart, and Photography by Wendy Fulginiti.


Maggie Hart paints with the themes of Strength and Resilience in mind. She searches for subjects which tell the stories of weathering storms and standing the test of time; she seeks to find the connection between the challenges we face in a lifetime and the things around us that have become rusty, worn with age, but are still here. Maggie is a member of the Massasoit Art Guild and the Ruth Wells Center for the Arts.

Wendy Fulginiti: "I am extremely passionate about birds, gardening, nature and wildlife. Some form of art has always been my passion. I consider myself a nature photographer, capturing the beauty of the moment, whether it is animals, flowers, landscapes, or a particular tree. I belong to the Massachusetts Audubon Society and several botanical gardens."

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