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"Our Perceptions" In Photography

Opening May 11 | 12 - 3 pm

A fine photography exhibit featuring the works of Arthur Furtado and Helen Boyle.

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Louise Pigott
Opening June 9 | 1 - 5 pm

Louise Pigott is an amazing artist celebrated for her remarkable ability to capture the essence of nature and landscapes in her artwork.

Her art offers a breathtaking exploration of landscapes and the wonders of nature as she transports viewers to serene and awe-inspiring settings.

Louise Pigott's talent lies in her capacity to infuse her creations with the emotions and sensations evoked by nature itself. Her vivid use of color and texture invites viewers to journey into the heart of our planet, fostering a profound appreciation for its beauty and fragility.

As an artist dedicated to showcasing the magnificence of nature, Louise’s paintings are a testament to the power of art to inspire us, invoke emotion and brighten our world.

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Peaceful Harmony.jpg
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