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Wooden Frame with hanging wire 

Anna M Ozolins, Manhattan born 1944 in Hells Kitchen, NY where excitement and drama were a way of life. She loved every minute of it that she could recall, the  Italian language of words where life was a mystery to her. 
Years later her family moved to West Norwood New Jersey where the woods were her only friends as this shy quiet person was slowly emerging into her own. Luck of her MOM brought her to the corporate world where her business skills emerged. So after many years in the corporate  managerial world, life returned her to nature a place where color and silence was her choice to finish out her life as an artist.  It does not matter  what she does, just use color.  She struggles to give the viewer an emotion that brings some kind of gift to each of  you. 

Anna now lives along the shores of Lake Sherman, Brimfield, Ma with her husband Maris and their brother and sister King Charles Cavalier dogs, Little Miss Peapod and our man Buddy Boy. So her now statement is "live life to the fullest" doesn't matter what you choose.

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Manet by Anna Ozolins

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