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Homemade Soap Variety
Pink Cheeks Facial Bar
Champagne Shimmer Soap
Davis Hill Farm Goat Milk Soap with Oats
Coconut Shampoo Bar
Calendula Body Lotion Bar
Soap Pad
Soap Scrap bag

A few years ago, while going through some of her personal belongings, I came across Grammy’s high school notebook.  It was from a Home Economics class she attended at Malden Girls’ Catholic High back in the 1930’s.  Tucked into the notebook was a large index card with a recipe for SOAP.

Although this was probably a recipe for laundry soap (or maybe not…) the concept of making homemade soap took root. 

Fast forward a couple of years and my cousin Johnny is raising goats.  "What are you going to do with the milk?" I ask.

"Maybe make soap?" I'm told.

So, one year, John and I decided to make homemade soap for relatives.  We researched milder ingredients than those in Grammy’s recipe and started making a few bars as Christmas gifts.

Well, soap making is addicting and a few bars has turned into hundreds of bars.  And one craft show has turned into many, where the Kleen Guyz are happy to meet new friends and help keep old fashioned crafting alive. 

And, as part of our sustainability efforts, we up-cycle scrapbook paper, ribbon and string we find at thrift shops and donated by friends and family to package our REAL soaps.

Our Soaps are Honest and Real Kleen!


Billy & John

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Kleen Guyz Soaps Variety

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