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Upcoming Events & News

Record Hop

March 23rd | 6-9

Come on down and hop into Spring as Wurlin' Disks spins up some tunes to dance to. 

March Workshops

More information coming soon!

Sign up for our kids art workshop run by the talented Simone DeLongchamp. Free to paid FAMILY members. Annual membership is $20.

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Strings and Things

Mondays 6-8

If you play any string instrument and enjoy jamming with other players then you need to join in on Mondays from 6 to 8 pm. We are committed to offering a place for creatives of all kinds to get together and practice their craft! These jam sessions are for musicians 15 and up and are free to all. Donations are appreciated as always to keep the center alive and thriving.


Join us every Thursday from 1pm - 3pm for communal studio time. This is a chance to reflect on your work alongside peers and fellow creatives! Artist can casually work on ongoing projects while getting inspiration and critique from the open studio group. Led by Art Furtado and Charles Gaulin, professional and amateur artists are invited to join this group! Suggested donation $5

Open Studio

Thursdays 1-3


QVCAH has an ongoing sale of local artist-made items, everything from pottery, paintings and plants! check it all out on our store page! 

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