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Marcia and Don Beal


Opening Reception, March 5, 2023
1pm - 4pm

Watercolor, photography and Pysanky bring us into an awakening world of seasons and experiences.  Don Beal has been photographing for 60 years and Marcia has been doing watercolor painting for 30 years. Her paintings are postcards of some of her experiences, and Don’s photographs are a creative expression of his many travel destinations. 

Marcia will demonstrate Pysanky eggs as seen on her mass appeal show.  They are like Easter cards to be shared with family and friends.  


Pysanky Egg Decorating Workshop

Saturday, March 11th

Welcome to Spring! Kicking off March this year, artist Marcia Beal will run a Pysanky egg decorating workshop. Marcia will walk you through this wonderful tradition, helping you to decorate your very own, so you can go home with a basket of beautifully hand painted eggs! This is a great activity to enjoy with a family member or friend, celebrating the coming of spring as well as learn about cultural traditions. This workshop is $30 per person you can sign up and pay in advance below!


Community Tag Sale

Saturday, May 6

Save the date for our Community Tag Sale on May 6th from 10-4. Are you a vintage vendor or looking to sell off some collectibles or second hand items? We are offering 10 X 10 spaces to anyone who wants to join us - at $30 per space. To sign up click the link below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page! Let us know who you are and a general idea of what you will be selling! to complete you reservation please click the space fee below. See you there!



QVCAH has an ongoing sale of local artist-made items, everything from pottery, paintings and plants! check it all out on our store page! 


Open studio is back!

Join us every Thursday from 2pm - 4pm for communal studio time. This is a chance to reflect on your work alongside peers and fellow creatives! Artist can casually work on ongoing projects while getting inspiration and critique from the open studio group. Led by Art Furtado and Charles Gaulin, professional and amateur artists are invited to join this group!

Register here

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